Letters of Support

Another way to support our goal of legislation is to write a letter of support in favor of legislation or urge your employer or college/university to write a letter and submit it to the OACYC.   We would like to gather letters of support from Ministries, leaders in our communities, employers of Child and Youth Workers, associations representing other professionals and other advocates of Child and Youth Care legislation.

We have recently received such a letter from the Provincial Advocate of Children and Youth, Irwin Elman.  Mr. Elman writes:
"Child and Youth Care Practitioners offer direct care to special needs children and youth, those in need of protection as described in the Child Family Services Act (CFSA). In addition they also work in residential treatment facilities, schools, hospitals, treatment centres, in the community, and offer services to vulnerable children and youth in Ontario and their families.

Children and Youth in Ontario have the right and are entitled to, consistent, high-quality care. Regulation of the Child and Youth Counsellor profession increases the chances that children and youth will find the care they need."
Our Provincial Advocate is not our only supporter.  We have also recently received a letter from OARTY, Ontario Association of Residences Treating Youth.  They have strongly stated their support of our request.  Their executive director, Rebecca Harris, writes:
"We firmly believe that legislation would require the provision of consistent high quality care to children and youth with accountability for child and youth care practitioners and we support your efforts to petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to pass and enact a Bill to regulate the profession of child and youth care in Ontario."
We will continue to reach out to members of the community and invite you to do the same.

The OACYC respectfully asks that all supporters consider the distinctive educational and experiential credentials of child and youth care practitioners as key to the success of proposed policies, and ensure our voice is heard as we advocate for our profession and for the children and youth of Ontario.  Please provide us with a letter of support that outlines your views on the value of child and youth care practitioners and the need for legislation.

Some of the letters we have received with thanks:

Letter from the Provincial Advocate

Letter from OARTY

Letter from Bartimaeus

Letter from Carpe Diem

Letter from a Parent

Letter from CHEO President & CEO

Letter from Thunder Bay CAS

Letter from CHEO uOttawa Medical Director and Chief

Letter from CHEO uOttawa Professor of Psychiatry and Paediatrics

Letter from William Osler Health Centre

Letter from PSSP President

Letter from CACPT

Letter from CCCYCA

Letter from Children's Centre Thunder Bay

Letter from Thunder Bay Counselling Centre

Letter from Confederation College

Letter from East Metro

Ryerson University School of Child and Youth Care

Humber College School of Social and Community Services

Letter from the TDSB

Letter from TDSB Bill Byrd

Letter from CYCCB

Letter from Kim Moran, CEO CMHO

Letter from Thom Garfat

Letter from Jack Phelan

Letter from MPP Fraser

Letter from Carol Stuart

Letter from ORCA

Letter from wm+a