Research in Child and Youth Care

The OACYC believes it is important to support research in the field of Child and Youth Care.  We will list studies here when the researcher is requesting participation from our members. 

Hello fellow CYC's,  
I am in urgent need of participants for my research study.  Specifically, I am hoping to engage with young people 16-18 years old, virtually, through email.  If you work with or know any, could you please send them a link to the recruitment flyer?  I can be reached at shannon.brown@ryerson.ca.
Here is the link to recruitment flyer: http://www.oacyc.org/uploads/File/Studies/C-RecruitmentFlyer_18_June_2018.pdf.
Thank you in advance for the consideration.
Shannon Brown, B.A., C.Y.W
Masters Candidate, School of Child & Youth Care
Ryerson University


Can you give 15 minutes of your time to answer a questionnaire about the work you do? Please help out and complete the questionnaire.

Study Title: An exploration of school based Child and Youth Care Practice in Ontario: the practitioners’ perspectives

My name is Christine Gaitens and I am a postgraduate student in the MSc in Child and Youth Care Studies program at the University of Strathclyde. While I am currently employed in school based child and youth care, my role in this project is as a researcher.

School based Child and Youth Care Practice has developed differently across the province of Ontario. The job descriptions, responsibilities and titles of child and youth care practitioners are varied. With this exploratory study I would like to identify what is currently meant by school based child and youth care practice considering practitioners’ reports of duties, expectations, roles, and working conditions. It is my intent to explore school based child and youth care (CYC) in the context of the characteristics of a child and youth care approach and the competencies of child and youth care practitioners (CYCPs) while also identifying working conditions.

I would like to know how practitioners describe their work across the province. This information may allow us to identify strengths and successes, potential paths forward and ways that we can do better supporting students.

Participants in this study will be Child and Youth Care Practitioners working in school based practice. I would like to recruit approximately 75 participants for an anonymous questionnaire and 6 of those participants for a follow up 30-minute confidential interview.

Participation in this research project is completely voluntary and participants may withdraw at any time.

The questionnaire is anonymous. You will not be asked for your name or email address. Reporting of results will not include the names of school boards or anyone working in these environments.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at christine.gaitens.2016@uni.strath.ac.uk. All responses will be confidential.

This study has received ethics approval from the School of Social Work and Social Policy Ethics Committee, within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Strathclyde.

Please click the link below to participate in the anonymous questionnaire. https://hass.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3dVhtOZ7BzyJwpf

To Print Partcipant Informaton Sheet click here.

Thank you for your consideration,

From: Umbrella Organization
Date: June 13, 2018
To: Member Organizations

Subject: Call for Participants in a Research Study on Supervisors in Ontario's Residential Care Sector

Dear Member Organization,

My name is Kate Hann and I am a graduate student from Ryerson University's Master of Child and Youth Care Program.  As partial completion of my Master’s degree, I am conducting a research project exploring who Ontario's residential supervisors/managers are, what tasks are involved in their roles, the challenges they face and supports that would be helpful for their roles within the organizations. I am completing this study under the supervision of Dr. Kiaras Gharabaghi from the School of Child & Youth Care. The title of the research project is: Ontario’s Residential Care Sector: Who Are The Residential Leaders, What Do Their Jobs Entail and What Are Their Experiences.

I am wondering if you would be so kind as to forward this email and the Recruitment Flyer to all residential managers/supervisors within your organization.  With your cooperation and involvement, my research sample size will be greater and therefore the results more reflective of this population.  The anonymous e-questionnaire will take approximately 25 minutes to complete and the name of your organization will not be revealed. In addition, the participant has the option to withdraw consent at any time and their previously entered responses will be omitted from the study. Lastly, by providing informed consent, the participant does not forgo their legal rights. Please note, the completion date for the e-survey is July 7, 2018

It is my hope that this research will provide a better understanding of the challenges that face residential supervisors/managers, create baseline knowledge about the demographics of Ontario’s residential supervisors/managers and provide an enhanced understanding of what kinds of supports are needed for residential supervisors in their unique roles. Research findings will also contribute to the scholarly literature in this under-explored area.   Please note that this study has been reviewed by the Ryerson’s Research Ethics Board.

The SurveyMonkey link for the managers/supervisors convenience is  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ManagerResidential and can also be accessed from the Recruitment Flyer.

I welcome any questions or concerns and you contact me directly at khann@ryerson.ca or 416-893-7700 to discuss further.  Thank you in advance for your time, assistance and support of my research efforts and I look forward to gaining input from your residential leaders in the near future.

Kate Hann
Ryerson University   
Master's of Child and Youth Care