2017 OACYC Provincial Conference

Thank to all of you who were able to support and/or participate in our 2017 Provincial conference, the Journey!

Educators Day

An amazing educators day was organized and facilitated by Humber College.  We are lucky to be able to include PodCasts of some of the presentations.  Thank you to CYC Podcast for sharing!  All quotes below are from CYC PodCasts!

"We are starting with presentations from Educators Day, which happened the day before the regular conference. Rather than having teachers speaking to teachers, this year we had students and system-involved young people present to educators. We called the day, Learning from the Educated."

OACYC Educators Day 2017: A presentation by Shyanne Nichols

"This presentation is from Shyanne Nichols. Shyanne spoke about being a student who started her degree in Child and Youth Care while in the child welfare system, and her experiences transitioning out of care while in the program."

OACYC Educators Day 2017: Visible Minority Becoming Invisible? A presentation by Sunbal and Aisha Mohammad

"These two short presentations are Sunbal and Aisha Mohammad. They spoke about being Muslim students, their decision to start wearing a hijab while in the program, and facing white privilege as religious and racialized students."

OACYC Educators Day 2017: The Black Students Experience on Canadian University/College Campuses. A presentation by Tanitia Munroe

"This presentation by Tanitia Munroe speaks to issues of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, with a particular focus on Black students in post-secondary schooling in Canada."

The Conference - Images and Podcasts




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Master of Ceremonies, Richard Teskey brought opening greetings to the conference on June 1, 2017.  He also made good on his suggestion at the last provincial conference that he would sing!  Conference delegates were entertained and moved by a beautiful duet performed by Richard and Lambton student, Tabi Dupuis.  What a fantastic opening!

Our President, Christine Gaitens, shared opening remarks…

“Please take a moment to remember and honour those who have passed away.

Now please take a moment to really think about what is happening.  Children are dying in care.  Children are being sent across the province for services that are not available in their communities.  Programs are under funded.  Group homes are identified as places where only the worst kids should go after they fail in other residential placements.  Young people are assumed to be violent, antisocial and beyond help and racism and oppression live. After 50+ years of CYC in Ontario we are misunderstood and undervalued.

Now Get fired up people. This is personal.  Get offended, get angry and get involved.  We must educate and we must advocate. We must come together as a community and get loud to create a better system that supports all of its parts and all young people in Ontario.  This is not about blaming.  There are many professionals, service providers, program operators, and ministry staff members who work very hard with integrity and ethics to care for the children and youth in Ontario…

Connect and support each other.  Raise your voice. Get involved. Get fired up.  We need each other now more than ever…”


 Heather Snell – Keynote

Heather Snell provided us with the most incredible opening keynote that was engaging, inspirational and thought provoking.  Heather invited us to explore the typical teaching and learning as experienced by Child and Youth Care students and then asked us to consider possibilities.  The keynote was performance art.  Heather was joined on the stage by creative and talented young people who danced to bring her points to light and shared their spoken poetry.  Heather brought us all to our feet!

Listen to Opening Keynote for OACYC 2017 Conference by Heather Snell, Shadan Hyder, Cory Mackinlay, and Paul Kitz

A Presentation from the OACYC 2017 Provincial Conference: Walking the Path Towards Meaningful Youth Engagement

We continue to share CYC Podcasts with permission!  This presentation is by two young people who lived in residential care and three Ryerson University Master’s in Child and Youth Care Students.  Please go to CYC Podcast for more information about this podcast. 

Theresa Fraser – Keynote

Theresa closed the conference with history and story telling.  She reminded us of the importance of every relationship.  A young person, her son, shared with us the impact that a Child and Youth Worker had on his life by taking the time to find the way to teach him one skill.  The tone was one of sharing and providing care as we sat with Theresa to reflect and prepare to say goodbye.  Theresa settled us down and helped us to prepare for the transition away from the conference and she also brought us to our feet once again.

Thank you to CYC Podcast and Garth Goodwin for their contributions to this page.

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