About Us

The Ontario Association of Child and Youth Care (OACYC, ou en francais, AOTES,  l'Association Ontarienne des Techniques d'Éducation Spécialisée) is the professional association representing Child and Youth Care Practitioners (CYCP) in the province of Ontario, Canada.


The Ontario Association of Child and Youth Care champions the profession of CYC to ensure best practices.

Over the past 50 years, Child and Youth Care Practice in Ontario has expanded its professional competencies and strengthened its skills to be considered the GOLD standard for working with the very special needs of children and youth.  Child and Youth Care Practitioners are found in such professions as early care and education, community-based child and youth development programs, parent education and family support, school-based programs, community mental health, group homes, residential centers, rehabilitation programs, pediatric health care and juvenile justice programs. (Child and Youth Care Education Consortium definition)

The OACYC provides professional standards, regulations, support, and a Code of Ethics to its members thus ensuring integrity, accountability, and excellence.  The major difference between OACYC members and other Child and Youth Care Practitioners is one of professional and public concern that the children, youth, and families in Ontario are safe and cared for at the highest standards. 

Only Professional CYCS:

  • Have proven their initial educational/training qualifications to an external body.
  • Are required to stay current in the field; membership is conditional on the completion of annual professional development activities.
  • Provide their signature of agreement to abide by the OACYC Code of Ethics.
  • Are accountable to the OACYC Code of ethics; the OACYC has a complaints and discipline process available to members and the public.
  • Have access to the professional resources of the OACYC, including a network of over 1000 professional CYCs (in Ontario and beyond).
  • Are dedicated to providing care for children, youth, and families with excellence.

The OACYC provides current professional development opportunities through conferences, resources, networking, and peer recognition to promote the improvement of professional knowledge and skills.

The OACYC distributes a newsletter to members that identifies job opportunities, hot topics, seminars and resources all to keep members current in the profession.