I'm a Member Because...

In an effort to answer the regularly asked question "what's in it for me?” and the understanding that our current members may have the most accurate answers, a committed group of OACYC members started a project to ask members to give their opinion. They asked some members to complete the statement “I'm a member because...” and this is what they were told.

Elise Figueira, Child and Youth Counsellor, TDSB.
Toronto, Ontario

"I am a member because I believe that the key to being successful is to surround yourself with people that excel at what you do, and do what THEY do. The OACYC provides me with that opportunity. I owe much of what I have done in this field to the connections and friendships I have made through the Association."

Andy Leggett,
Clinical Director, Broken Arrow Residential Treatment Services
Cobourg, Ontario

“I am a member because the type of care we provide today will impact our future and the OACYC is advocating for the future of our profession.”

Maggie Kalajiev,
Child and Youth Worker , TDSB
Toronto, Ontario

-Paulina Monlouis, Child and Youth Worker, TDSB, Toronto, Ontario

"I am a member because children, youth and families matter and they deserve my very best. The OACYC is a way to demonstrate my professionalism, commitment to ethics and high standards in the field of Child and Youth Care Practice. It is a way to advocate for the professionalism of the field and the work that is done."

Andie Fournier,
Instructor & Field Coordinator, Child and Youth Worker Program,
Algonquin College,
Ottawa, Ontario

"I am a member because I believe sometimes 2 + 2 is 5! Together we are more than the sum of our parts."

Heather Snell,
Program Co-ordinator, School of Social & Community Services,
Humber College,
Toronto, Ontario

"I am a member because I believe in being part of Child and Youth Care Workers as a profession. We are the key in success stories for children and youth. We are always the ones who support and advocate for those who often cannot do it foe themselves. We now need to have a professional body to support and advocate for us.

Why I joined the OACYC was because I agree with its standards of professionalism. The school board I am employed with recognizes this and has made it mandatory to join the OACYC if you are working as a CYW. My hopes for our profession in the future is that we are known and respected as CYC. We need to be valued both financially and professionally. As a group of professionals, we are unstoppable!"

Lynne Bennett, CYW, CYC (cert),
Sarnia, Ontario

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