Professional CYCP Time Line


1957- A Child Care Worker Training Program is Initiated in Ontario

Thistletown Hospital begins this training program

1959 -  Thistletown Association of Child Care Workers is Developed

1967- Formal Education in CYC begins in several Ontario Colleges

1968 - The First OACYC Conference on Professional Practice Occurs    

The promotion of body of knowledge and practice in CYC begins in Ontario

1969 – OACYC becomes Incorporated as, Child Care Workers Association of Ontario (CCWAO)

The CCWAO is now a public corporation governed by-laws

1974 – A proposal for a regulatory “College of Child Care Work” is submitted

The attempt at regulation with the provincial government is unsuccessful

1975 - The OACYC Initiates and Leads Research with the Ministry of Colleges and Universities

CYC body of knowledge and practice is defined and standardized for what were once termed “Child and Youth Work”  post secondary programs
The research process continues until 1985

1979 -  The OACYC define Educational Requirements for Full Membership

To qualify as a full member with OACYC, members have to now have post secondary qualifications in Child and Youth Work

1983 - The OACYC hosts a National CYC Conference

The 3rd National CYC Conference is hosted by OACYC in  Toronto

1985 - A Code of Ethics is Adopted by the OACYC

1989 - The Child Care Workers Association of Ontario changes name to the Ontario Association of Child and Youth Counsellors

1999 - New Requirements for Membership Established and Complaints now Accepted by the OACYC

The discipline committee is established to deal with complaints about members and membership criteria issues
Members must now submit academic credentials and sign OACYC code of ethics before membership is approved

2001 - OACYC Website Unveiled

Practice Complaints can now be submitted on line to the OACYC

2002 - Professional Development Credits become Required by the OACYC

Full Members must now attend annual PD, and submit documentation to the OACYC, to maintain Membership

2006 - Full OACYC Membership exceeds 1,000 members for the first time

2012 -  Certification Process Adopted by the OACYC

Child and Youth Care Practitioners, who meet the professional association’s regulations, are referred to as “Certified CYCs.”
The OACYC developed a partnership with The Child and Youth Care Certification Board. The Child and Youth Care Certification Board awards professional certification to CYCPs who demonstrate their commitment to professional practice. This certification process is now available through the OACYC
Certification is based on competencies that are organized across five domains of practice: professionalism, cultural and human diversity, applied human development, relationship and communication and developmental practice methods

2014 - OACYC Name Changed to the Association of Child and Youth Care

The association changes name from The Ontario Association of Child and Youth Counsellors to The Ontario Association of Child and Youth Care
The new name now aligns with international and national titles of the discipline
The new name now also aligns with the coming name change to Ontario Post Secondary CYC Programs. Ontario post secondary Child and Youth Work Programs will now be called Child and Youth Care Programs.

2014 - New Code of Ethics is Adopted by the OACYC

The Code of Ethics, from the National Certification Project, are adopted following the lead of The Canadian Council of Child and Youth Care

2015 -  New Vocational Standards for Ontario CYC Post Secondary Programs are Established

The Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skill Development release new Vocational Standards for CYC post secondary programs
The OACYC Legislation Committee begins Formal Lobbying
Legislation Report/Proposal, Safeguarding the Other 23 Hours, is released by the OACYC to the public
Legislation petition begins
Letters of support for legislation begin to be collected
Meeting with the Early Childhood Educators of Ontario occurs
Meeting with James Janeiro, Senior Policy Advisor to Premier Kathleen Wynne occurs to share our proposal

2016 - OACYC Legislation Lobbying Continues

The OACYC Legislation Report/Proposal sent to all MPPs in the province with a request for a meeting.
Meetings occur with MPPs in various locations across the province
A legislation sub-committee is launched and now includes OACYC members
Consultation occurs with the Ministerial lead Residential Review Panel
Meeting with Monique Taylor, NDP Critic for Child and Youth Services occurs
A Graduate Degree in CYC at Ryerson University is Announced
The second graduate degree in Canada, in Child and Youth Care, is now offered in Ontario

2017 - OACYC Legislation Lobbying Continues

Letter sent out to all MPPs, regarding the OACYC’s concern with both the Psychotherapy Act (Psychotherapy becoming a Controlled Act, which without regulation CYCPs will be excluded from using) and the provincial governments lack of response to our request for regulation
A letter writing campaign aimed at lobbying the government regarding the impending changes with the Psychotherapy Act and our request for regulation, is initiated with our members (see website)
Meeting with Senior Policy Advisors to the Honourable Dr. Eric Hoskins (Minister of Long Term Health and Care who is responsible for the Psychotherapy Act) occurs
Continued meetings with MPPs across the province occur regarding the impending changes to the Psychotherapy Act (Psychotherapy becoming a Controlled Act, which without regulation CYCPs will be excluded from using) and our request for regulation.

2017 – Request for Regulation
A formal request for a regulatory college for Child and Youth Care Practice is delivered by hand to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.  The Request package is handed to a Policy Advisor to the Minister.