Professional Development Guidelines

To download The Professional Development Guidelines, Click Here.

To maintain your Full Membership in the OACYC, you are required to complete at least one Professional Development activity per year. All Full Members have proven they meet a specific standard for entry into the profession (in terms of education/ training) when they join the OACYC. But as a professional association, we also want to assure the public, and be able to prove, that our members are maintaining this standard and remaining current in the field.

There are 4 basic rules regarding the form:

  1. At least One Professional Development Activity is to be outlined on it; OR, if you received a certificate of participation or similar proof of attendance at a workshop, simply send us a copy, as long as it includes 1) your name, 2) the topic/title of the workshop, 3) the date(s) of the workshop
  2. Please report P.D Activity that you have completed within the dates of the previous membership year (renewed every October 15).
  3. Please complete this section on your Membership Renewal. Failure to complete it will result in loss of Full Membership status (however you may continue your connection with the OACYC as an Individual Supporter).
  4. Members who attend OACYC training can count their attendance as their one PD ACTIVITY.  You can include any activity that you feel expanded your knowledge or skills, such as:
  • Conferences, workshops, and seminars.
  • Reading books, viewing videos and other media
  • Taking courses (university, college, private institutes, etc.)
  • Volunteer experiences (beyond the basic requirements of your job)

We ask that you:

  1. Briefly Describe the Activity; in the case of workshops, books, videos, meetings, special
    events /projects, courses taken, etc., give complete specific details.
  2. Briefly say how this activity expanded your knowledge/skill.  This should involve:
  • Naming/describing the knowledge/skill,
  • Explaining how your knowledge/skill was expanded/altered,
  • Stating how this new knowledge/skill relates to you in your present position/role or your future goals

Members who feel they should be exempt from this PD requirement due to illness, retirement, unemployment (either voluntary e.g., to have children, or involuntary e.g., lay-offs/cutbacks), or any other reason, can submit a note giving the details, as soon as possible, to the Provincial Office. Please note though -- Giving your notice about exemption does not necessarily guarantee exemption.