This Award is given biennially and is Provincial in scope. The award is presented at the Provincial Conference.  The OACYC Award of Excellence is designed to honour individuals who demonstrate excellence in the field of child and youth care. This excellence could, for example, be observed in the following areas:

  • engagement,
  • leadership,
  • strength-based approaches,
  • creativity and/or
  • advocacy.

In addition, the nomination should provide examples of the candidate’s active promotion of the spirit of child & youth care, commitment to professional development, and ethical practice.


The nomination of candidates for the Child and Youth Care Award of Excellence is driven directly by the OACYC membership. This is your chance to recognize the work of a mentor, colleague or someone whose work you admire. The nominee must be a certified or professional member in good standing in the OACYC.*

The Award Committee is a standing committee of the OACYC Board of Directors. This committee will review the nominations and select one recipient biennially. The deadline for nominations to be received at the OACYC office is March 30th. Nominations should be submitted to


The recipient of the award will be featured on the OACYC website, in the Chronicle and will be acknowledged at the AGM or provincial conference. The recipient will receive a one-year complementary membership to the Association.


To nominate your candidate, please submit the following information. We welcome self-nominations:

1. A letter listing the following:

  • The Candidates Name (The candidate must be a professional member, in good standing)
  • Current Employment (Most recent employment)
  • The name of the Nominator, who must also be a member of the OACYC.
  • A short text from the nominator stating their support for the nomination.
  • A list of the accomplishments of the individual stating why you believe they should receive the Award of Excellence

2. In addition to the Nomination Letter, we require 1 additional reference letter from an employer/colleague.

Download Sample Letter