The Petition

In addition to bringing forth the proposal, the OACYC will also need to present signed petitions from CYCPs and citizens of Ontario who are in support of legislating the Child and Youth Care profession

This is where you can become an active participant in the process.  Have you signed a petition?  Have you urged your fellow CYCs or other professionals, families or supporters of our profession to sign a petition?  If not, please act now and print off a copy of the petition and start gathering signatures.  The government requires that petitions be submitted with original signatures only, so once your petition is complete please mail it to the OACYC or make arrangements to get the petition to a Director on the Board for the OACYC who can submit it on your behalf.

Please start by printing the petitions. The petitions look the same but are for two separate groups. One is for Child and Youth Care Practitioners to sign to indicate their support even if they are not members of the OACYC.  The other petition is for members of the general public to sign to indicate their support of legislation for child and youth care.  

Please note:

  • These petitions must be filled in with addresses and mailed to our office, as the legislature does not accept copies or facsimiles.
  • Please ensure that signatures are added to the original page, which contains the preamble (we can not add a page of just signatures without the preamble and we must follow the rules for submission).
  • If you need more space for signatures, please print out an additional full page of the petition. 
  • We must present originals.

We ask that you print these today and share with your colleagues and acquaintances.  Please return as soon as possible to the OACYC office at:

C/O The School of Child and Youth Care
Ryerson University
350 Victoria Street,
Toronto, Ontario,
M5B 2K3

Every signature matters.

Click here to download a copy of the Petition for CYCPs, Child and Youth Care Practitioners.

Click here to download a copy of the Petition for Residents of Ontario, those not in the field but in support of request for legislation.

Remember, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario will not accept copies, faxes, scans or pages presented without the preamble.