The OACYC has drafted a proposal to request legislation of Child and Youth Care as a regulated profession in the Province of Ontario.  The OACYC is dedicated to protecting the professional identity of Child and Youth Care practitioners and the care of vulnerable youth that we support. This proposal includes information about:

The Report is available to download now and includes the following information:

  • Who we are as professionals,
  • History of CYCs in Ontario,
  • Education and training,
  • The difference between CYCs and Social Workers,
  • The structure of membership within the OACYC,
  • Diversity in practice of child and youth care across sectors,
  • The mission and objective of the OACYC as a representing body of CYCs across Ontario,
  • Benefits and implications of working across various Ministries and the benefits and implications of seeking legislation.
The Report for Legislation

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Safe Guarding the Other 23 Hours: Legislation of Child and Youth Care Practice in Ontario

The OACYC invited members to participate in a focus group to review this proposal and provide feedback.  We have now completed the document and shared it at our AGM in October.  We have also had a meeting with the Senior Policy Advisor to Premier Wynne during which we hand delivered a copy of the report.